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Click to see the GraphicI was reading an interesting post by Phil Buckley on the difference between men and women according to Google.  I decided to see what it would look like if I did the same thing with Obama and Romney.  I started just searching “Obama is” on Google and seeing what the results were.  I did the same for Romney. Click the image to the right to take a look at the Graphic. Then scroll back up to continue…

Apparently, both Romney and Obama share many similar traits.  They could potentially both be:

  • Gay
  • Liars
  • and the Antichrist

Regardless,  Obama has the great advantage on getting his message out via social channels.  I didn’t include Pinterest although they seem to have that covered by The First Lady.  This could end up being a referendum on new media versus old media.  In the days of social and DVR,  I wonder if trash ads will have less of an impact than a direct connection sending positive messages through social channels.  I am sure we will see our fair share in the ad intros on web videos but it is still an interesting point.

Obama and Romney seem to be running neck and neck with the only variations probably driven by the news of the day.  This will be an interesting election to watch although probably no more interesting than the last few I can remember.  The really interesting thing out of all of this is the true negativity surrounding presidential elections.  In the searches on Google and Bing almost everyone of the suggested searches are full of hatred and malice for the candidate.  I wonder how true a reflection this is of the American people.  Is this what we really want?

I wish presidents were elected the way normal people were hired.  Not by a PR machine and the 24 hour news cycle, but based on a resume.  At the end of the day; whoever is elected, we will still have politicians leaving the government to make millions being lobbyists, we will have corruption,  we will have swings in the economy, we will have problems in education and healthcare, and the Israel / Palestine problem will still be there.  Four years from now we will be talking about the same thing.

This is worth a watch when you have the time and if you are tired of hearing politicians and armchair politicians say they have all the answers.  Trial, error and the God complex.

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