Google Spreadsheet App: Site Structure From Screaming Frog Export

Google Apps Spreadsheet Site Structure

Here is code for a spreadsheet app that I just built that takes an export from Screaming Frog and produces a beautiful hierarchical spreadsheet with the page name, title tags, descriptions, and H1’s.

Steps To Use

  1. Crawl the site with Screaming Frog.
  2. Filter HTML and click Export.
  3. Save export as the default “internal_html.csv”.
  4. Select Options>Clear Site Structure if Data Exists in the Site Structure Sheet**.
  5. Select Options>Update Site Structure (blog) or Options>Update Site Structure (no-blog)**.
  6. Upload the CSV file exported from Screaming Frog.
  7. You should now have all the pages of your site in a hierarchal structure with associated URLs and On-Page elements.

** You may need to authorize the app through Google. This is normal.


 Link to spreadsheet (Please Make a Copy)


Here is the code if you want to use some of it


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