What The End of Net Neutrality Looks Like

What the End of Net Neutrality Looks Like

I haven’t drawn any cartoons for a while so I decided to do one about Net Neutrality.  There seems to be a lot of laziness in the tech space regarding the future of the internet.  The FCC is a revolving door for cable industry lobbyists and unfortunately they are in charge of the regulation of the internet.  I am not for excessive regulation, but I really think that if you are going to have a regulating body, they should be disassociated from the industry they are regulating.

The Cable industry doesn’t have a track record of being customer focused.  Search “Comcast Reviews” or “Time Warner Cable Reviews”.  This is a power move backed by a lot of influence and money to protect the access to quality television.  They are trying to protect themselves from being relegated to the lowly level of “utility” while Netflix, Google, Apple, and Amazon become the new TV providers.

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