WordPress SEOHi.  Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by.  I am the Director of Search Marketing for a wonderful company called Consultwebs (Legal Website Marketing) .  I have worked there since 2011.  Before then I was a Architectural Glass Designer for ~ 10 years.  Below are my 5 favorite things in life in order of importance.  This should give you a pretty good overview of who I am:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Technology

I LOVE talking about Google and WordPress — my favorite companies.  I was an Apple fan for years but quickly lost interest when everyone I know started getting Macs and telling me what great computers they are.  Yeah,  they were great computers 10 years ago when you were buying your first Dell.  I tend to like to dwell in the places where others aren’t.  If you follow the crowd it is very unlikely you will find anything interesting.

I am a devoted father and husband and have been very blessed in my life to have wonderful parents, siblings, family, and friends.  I have 2 young daughters, and a beautiful, strong wife.

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Take Care,